The Soul Safari

Whatever you anticipate when going on this trip with Halo Gaia, you might come across a big surprise. It is not only a journey into the heart of africa but, thanks to all the wonderful people you will meet, a trip into your heart as well. You will be surprised about what is waiting to be discovered in the outside world of a beautiful country, the cradle of humankind, and in the inside world of your carefully hidden secrets.

Go meet the dolphins...





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>> Healing meditations conducted by Pat Angove

>> Courtney, Dolphins and Music

>> Nelia on Halo Gaia

>> People on the journey

>> Meeting Credo Mutwa

>> Singing and Dancing



Healing meditations conducted by Pat Angove

Recorded in Mozambique, Nov. 2005.

"The Shift"
A changing planet that is becoming more spiritual. "As the earth shifts her energy we try to shift ours..." [mp3, 7.22 MB]

Group exercise
"Go to someone the least person you know here (...) and tell them things about yourself you would not normally not tell a stranger..." [mp3, 755 KB]

Human Interaction
"As people put their guards down there is an exchange of information that doesn't happen in the physical..." [mp3, 4.73 MB]

Staying on the Planet
Pat on connecting with the Planet. "If we are here but feeling our home is elsewhere, then...what are we doing here..."
[mp3, 2.88 MB]

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Courtney, Dolphins and Music

Recorded in Mozambique, Nov. 2005.

Courtney and the Dolphins
Courtney has been working with dolphins for 5 years and shares her thoughts on what humans can learn by interacting with these incredible animals. [mp3, 10.8 MB]

Music Meditations
A musical meditation conducted by Courtney, Nelia and Pat.
[mp3, 21.7 MB]

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Nelia on Halo Gaia

Recorded in Mozambique, Nov. 2005.

Creating a spiritual get away
Nelia is the organizer of Halo Gaia spiritual journeys. " creates the most amazing break-throughs for people that come, and it often is the beginning of a beautiful healing journey for them...Something very magical takes place, not sure what it is." [mp3, 7.59 MB]

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People on the journey

Recorded at Neladi Resort, Nov. 2005.

Janara talks about her journey and why she went on it.
[mp3, 3.55 MB]

Paul on Masons
While spending an evening at Neladi I interviewed Paul, who is member of a masonic lodge in belgium. The interview is conducted in german language. [mp3, 8.0 MB]

Gil does not eat
Gil has rarely eaten during the last three years, she thinks we do not really need to. [mp3, 2.93 MB]

Pat talks about Africa, Credo and why she is the eternal optimist. [mp3, 13.2 MB]

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Ponta Malongane, Mozambique



Meeting Credo Mutwa

Recorded at Naledihouse, Nov. 2005.

A Connected World
Paul shares his thoughts on 2012, then Credo talks about a conmnected world and how we can learn from each other.
[mp3, 4.29 MB]

The Future
Credo talks about the future of England, the coming war in the middle east, 2012 and other subjects. [mp3, 2.49 MB]

Sirius, Orion and the Serpent Star
Credo answers a question from Tarek regarding the significance of Sirius for mandkind. "Sirius" also happens to be the name of Credo`s dog... [mp3, 1.01 MB]

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Singing and Dancing

Recorded in Mozambique, Nov. 2005.

A little surprise
The staff at Pangola Game reserve prepared a musical surprise for us. [mp3, 2.38 MB]

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Pongola, South Africa



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